Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adidas AG Section AG Alex Webster

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I like how you used color on your map, I think it enhances it and makes it more interesting. It may help if you add some more place-marks to your map, that way you have a little more detail about Adidas. Great job though, it looks good!

    P.S. How did you change the color?



  2. I agree with Olivia, I like the use of color! It makes the map a lot more attractive and it makes it easier to read the map. Also, I like that you provided details when we click the little markers on the map. It's a good way to provide detail without overdoing the map and making it look busy. Nice job! :)

    -Amela Jazvin

  3. Olivia, if you click on the edit button and add type you can also change the color I think it's in the right corner.

  4. I love the use of color! It makes your map so much more attractive and interesting. Your markers were helpful because when I would click on them it would inform me of the importance of it to your TNC's globalization.
    ~Eve Hansen

  5. I love your map! It looks amazing!! Try turning off the geography map thing that shows all the green and blue parts on the globe. I think it is too distracting but otherwise, good job!!!

    Brianna Shannon

  6. Well done. The colored market areas and their connecting lines help to visualize the globalization.

    Miles Goodman