Friday, December 2, 2011

International Expansion of Starbucks Up Until 2002 by Amela Jazvin

View International Locations of Starbucks Stores during 2002 in a larger map


  1. Your use of placemakers are very detailed but if you didn't tell me what they meant I would be confused.

    Maybe provide a better explanation in your description.

    -TasiAna Babauta

  2. I like the details on your map. I think you should expand on some of our descriptions. You could also add some pictures of Starbucks stores.

    Justine Felipe

  3. I can definitely tell that your company is very global, just by how many markers there are. I would advise you to connect the markers and then explain the purpose of the markers and how they relate to the globalization of your TNC. Nice job so far!

    ~Eve Hansen

  4. It looks really good by try to add some arrows in there to make it more like a story instead of random places on a map

    Brianna Shannon