Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pepsi Co's attempt to make a Global Pepsi Generation by Kashaf Saleem

This map shows the global expansion of PepsiCo. It shows the places where the company operates from globally (shaded areas), it's R&D facilities throughout the world (blue place marks) and the places where it has 100% fully owned subsidiaries (red place markers). [ Please view map in large and see page 2 for the subsidiaries]

View PepsiCo's attempts to make a "Global Pepsi Generation" in a larger map


  1. The colors and the marks make really easier to understand at once !! It must have taken a lot of time ! good job !! Hiromi Tanoue

  2. Comment from Hong Wu,
    Your map is so colorful and attractive and I am sure you really spend a lot of time on it. I think I need to learn from you to make my map a little bit different from others.

  3. Show much detail to this map definitely shows you put so much effort into this map. I unquestionably tell this TNC has globalized easily. Definitely do have any negative feed back. Amazing job!
    -Kourtney S

  4. It is a very detailed map, and I love the color using. the color makes me easy to look at the map. Nice job!!
    By Yulong Gu

  5. The legend you've provided seems insufficient. Your map looks impressive, but interpreting it is difficult for me.

    Johnson Deng