Thursday, December 1, 2011

"How does Kentucky Fried Chicken Fly Over the World"by Hong Wu

View KFC in a larger map


  1. I really like that you used connecting lines, and place markers. It's a good way to visually see the expansion of KFC. The only thing I'm a little unsure about is the purpose of the arrows. I tried clicking on them but nothing's coming up, so I'm not sure if it's supposed to or not? :/ The arrows make it a little overcrowded so if they're not totally necessary, I would personally remove them just to make the map clearer. But other than that, your map is pretty good and informative. Nice job! :)

    -Amela Jazvin

  2. Hong, your map looks really good! I love the title and also looking at your map makes me really want to read your paper to learn more about what all the arrows mean and how Kentucky Fried Chicken has globalized. I think that when you put this map into your paper it will really add a lot. Nice job!

    - Sarah Edwards

  3. I really like your map! It is very informative, and I think the arrows are directing the reader as to which way the line is going, I really like that. The only thing I would say about your map is that there are some points in the lines when there isn't marker, so I don't know the purpose of that line. Your map is really well done!

  4. I love your map, its very cute and I like the arrows. Maybe try to zoom in more towards the area with all the commotion so the reader can see where the arrows are coming from! Otherwise, good job!
    Brianna Shannon

  5. I really like your map. It tells a visual story of where and through what route KFC globalized. Smart use of lines to make arrows!

    - Kashaf Saleem

  6. Very clever heading, definitely draws my attention. You can certainly tell this tells a story of how your TNC has globalized. Makes me want to read you essay :)
    -Kourtney S